Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Do You Love Movies?

Tonight was date night with my daughter, Jade.  We decided we'd watch a movie together.  We chose the movie called, "The Host."  The story was written by Stephanie Meyer (Twilight).  It was a great movie.  Don't you just love a good romance?

We highly recommend.  Here's a preview.

Another movie, I'm really excited to see is called "The Delivery Man."
It is starring Vince Vaughn.  Yes, I really like Vince Vaughn.  In fact, just the other day I sold some of my L'Paige Lipstick to someone with this same last name.  I like to think it's for Vince's sister, mother, or anyone related.  These are my celebrities sales.

The Delivery Man has an interesting storyline, about a man (Vince) who years ago had donated some sperm.  Turns out, he has fathered over 500 children.  After hearing this news, he decides to look up each kid and kind of becomes their guardian angels.  Sadly, we have to wait until Thanksgiving before it's released. 

Do you love movies?  Which ones have you seen lately?



  1. You are right, Vince Vaughn is a great actor. I cannot wait to catch his movie soon! The plot sounds intriguing and funny at the same time :D

    XO, Michi

    1. Thanks for stopping by. What kind of movie's do you like?

  2. I love movies!! However, I don't get to watch enough of them. How much fun you and Jade must have had on your time together!!! The Delivery man does sound interesting!!!

    1. Thanks Laura, It was a lot of fun. Yes, we are lucky we get to have girls movie night often.


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