Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dutch Baby - From the Pancake House.

Have you ever tasted a Dutch Baby?  It's one of my favorite things to order when I go out for breakfast at the Original Pancake House in Eden Prairie, MN.

I love the taste, and texture of this delicious cross between a pancake and a egg.  Some people will order their Dutch Baby with fruit on top.  I prefer mine plain with a sprinkle of powdered sugar and side of syrup for dipping the corner of each bite.

I first learned about Dutch Babies on this blog called   and on this blog post they shared a recipe

So, off I went to find myself a small pan that I could put in the oven.  I have to say making Dutch Babies are really easy and delicious.  But, look at the one from the Pancake House.  It's amazing, right?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lace For The Face - A Natural Microdermabrasion Cloth

I'm always on the lookout for new products that will impress me.
Lace For The Face is one of those products.  A few years ago this was a popular product in my eBay store

Recently, one of my customer's wrote to me wondering if I still sold this wonderful Lace For The Face Cloth. 

What is you ask? 
Well it is a special cloth made of Terry Cloth and Lace.
When I first found this new washcloth that was made with lace.  I couldn't wait to try one out.  So of course, I did.
It is everything it claims to be.

The shape is small and easy to use.  Fit in my hand perfectly.  I love the way the lace exfoliates and really deep cleans.  My skin feels soft and silky and all blemishes and blackheads have disappeared. 
All I do is use a dab of my beauty soap and rub in a circular motion on my skin. Then I rinse it off.  It's amazing.   If you want to learn more click the pictures.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Motivational Art #19 Follow Your Passion.

It has been a while since I've posted some motivational art.
I am grateful to one of my readers for motivating me to get busy.
I hope you like it.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

An Engagement Party

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Last weekend at this time I was just getting home from our trip to Glendive, Montana.  It's where my whole extended family traveled to go to my nephew Daniel and his finance Melissa's engagement party.

What an adventure of fun we all had.

Melissa's family and Dan had arranged for all of us to stay at the Makoshika State Park located in the badlands of Glendive, MT.  Most of us stayed in this really nice large A-frame lodge.

The park is rustic and beautiful.  Everywhere you look is a delight for the eyes.  Winding our way up the mountain to the lodge was a something.  I avoided looking down.  Once we arrived at the top.  My dad gets out of his car and says,  "I think, my brakes just went out."  What?  Sure enough, he had no brakes, and we could see a trail of the oil drippings.  Whoa, we were glad it had happened where it had.  But now, the new dilemma.  How were we going to get a car down the mountain with no brakes?

We didn't have time to think about it.  There was Melissa's family to meet, unpacking and eating to be done.  Unfortunately, my parents still worried about their car.  It is no fun to have car problems.

My dad has been a member of AAA for over 50 years.  He used to buy a AAA card for each of his 7 kids for many years, even after we left home.  I now do this for my own kids.

I called up AAA.  Would they please send a tow truck to the top of the mountain so we could get my dad's car to an automotive shop. "Sure, no problem," they said.  Great, we thought.  Problem solved.  An hour later we received a phone call from AAA.  No trucks available that night.  Could I please call again in the morning?  Rrrrgh.

By the way, I would like to put a plug in for Verizon.  It was the only cell service that worked after we passed through Fargo, ND.  My Virgin Mobil cell phone was worthless for the major portion of my travels.  When my husband called them for me to see if I could get service.  They told him, I would need to find someone with a Verizon phone (a competitor who had service) and maybe they could get my phone to work.  Yeah, right.
My next phone will be Verizon.

Saturday morning, I called AAA.  They called me back.  Turns out no tow trucks will go up the mountain.  Oh, and then the real bummer.  Turns out AAA doesn't help you if you happened to travel onto a gravel road.
A member for 50 years, and when you need them, they can't help you.

After a couple phone calls to one of the local car repair shops, and more run around. We determined that our best shot was going to be taking that car down the mountain ourselves

This could spell disaster, obviously.  But what choice did we have? Dan had a large strap that he hooked between his truck and my dad's Buick.  Would it hold?  There unfortunately is only one way to find out.  The first turn seemed to be okay.  Dan's truck held the strap tight.  They moved slow.  When they were out of our sight my mom, brother, and I could not stand not knowing what was happening.  So we hopped into my zippy (name for my new car) and headed down the winding mountain.  We caught up quickly and prayed and held our breaths as we watched them make every twist and turn.

They made it all safe and sound.  Once we got to the bottom we waved them off and turned around and made our way back up the mountain.  We thanked God the whole way.  What a miracle!  Of course, the guys still had to get through town and find a mechanic all without brakes, but the worst was behind us. 

Later this night after the car was all fixed.  Thank you nice mechanic for working late.  We enjoyed a beautiful engagement party, right in our lodge.  How cool it was to be staying right where the party was.  Melissa's family did a beautiful job with decorating the lodge and all the delicious food.


Thank you Dan & Melissa (and especially Melissa's family) what a great time we had.