Monday, November 26, 2012

My Etsy Store Is Now Open

Life's been busy.  I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

According to the news today, online sales are up 20% over last year, and that's not including the numbers for CyberMonday.

What better reason to get my online Etsy store open.  Actually, it has been open for a while but I haven't really had much time to work on it.  With the holidays ahead, I thought it would be a great idea to add some new items.

Here's a quick peek:



Thanks for stopping by.
As always, I love and appreciate your comments.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tired of bad mascara?

Have you been searching for a really great mascara?  Me too.

Over the years, I imagine I've tried over a 100 different mascara's.

Estee Lauder, Lancome, Jane Iredale, Mary Kay, Avon, Revlon, Max Factor, Maybelline.  You know, the list goes on and on. 

Well guess what? I have found what I believe to be the best mascara I have ever tried.  Yes, I know.  I'm thrilled. 

Here are some of the problems I've had with other mascara's. 
Racoon Eyes
Losing lashes
Stiff ugly coated lashes
Lashes that feel like I have a layer of tar on them

Yuck - then there's the other problems.
Itchy eyes
Blurry eyes
Smelly mascara

Okay, enough said.  I think you can see my problems.  I'm so happy to share with you the mascara that does not one of these things to me.

"Almay One Coat - lengthening Mascara creates
visibly longer lashes. This lash-extending formula sweeps lashes to extra lengths in one quick, clump-free application. Nourishing mascara formula is infused with aloe and vitamin B5 to help keep lashes conditioned and silky. Extra gentle, non irritating formula."
For me, this Almay mascara does not irritate my eyes at all.
Which is really great, as it was so bad lately that I had to give up mascara.
I don't like giving up my mascara.
With Almay my mascara goes on easily.  It lengthens and thickens, while still maintaining natural looking lashes.
There is no smearing, flaking, or racoon eyes.  My mascara stays on all day.
It's really unbelievable!
It's inexpensive, natural and doesn't irritate my eyes.  A win win.
If you are on a search for a great mascara, I recommend
Almay One Coat Lengthening Mascara for Sensitive Eyes.
I found mine at Walgreens.  Or buy it here: