Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Get Grounded With Juil Shoes

After reading Clinton Ober's book, "Earthing," I was so motivated to get outside and walk barefoot on the earth.  I wanted to get grounded, feel my best, and have vibrant health.  All benefits of getting grounded. 

So, off I went to my favorite walking path.  A nice grassy place where I could kick off my shoes and sink my feet into the earth.  Perfect, right?

Wrong.  With each step, I had to avoid small thistles, sharp twigs, earth creatures, animal trackings, and more.  It was just not nice.  If I hadn't left my shoes in the car I'd have given up and put them back on.  No grounding for me.

Who would have guessed?  They have shoes specially made for grounding.  They are called Juil shoes.

I couldn't wait to try them out.

I was really impressed with Juil.  My shoes arrived super fast.  Opening the box felt like Christmas.  Their packaging was so special.  Inside were the beauties I had picked out.  A nice white strappy leather sandal, plus a complimentary yoga carrying bag.

The quality of the shoes was amazing, sturdy, high quality leather, and those wonderful little copper buttons that would allow me to connect with the earth and get grounded while walking on grass, sand, cement, etc. 

As I understand it, the copper button's are energy conductors. This makes it possible for anyone who wears these shoes to get the benefits of being barefoot without having to worry about stepping into poo, or something.

I think they are fabulous.  I've been wearing mine pretty much non-stop.  Walking anywhere now is not an issue.  It's weird. Now that I know about this grounding stuff.  I'm thinking ooh, cement, great! I'm wearing my shoes.  Grass, love it.  I'm wearing my shoes.

I see it this way.  If I'm going to be walking on the earth throughout my day.  I might as well make sure the shoes I'm wearing are going to help me get the health benefits associated with grounding, and the style I desire.

Go ahead, check out their website and get yourself a pair, or two.  They have a style to fit every man, or woman's needs.

You'll be glad you did.

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