Monday, May 13, 2013

How To Cure A Dog's Ear Infection - EcoEars Review

It's been a while since I've posted a product review.  If you have a dog with an ear infection, or ear mites. Then you are going to want to know about this product.

Meet our dog, Pebbles.  Poor Pebbles has had gunky itchy ears for longer than I care to admit.  She constantly scratches and licks her paws.  Sometimes, she'll even shake her head crazily.  She's miserable and I was at a loss of what I could do for her. 
I took her to the vet.  He gave me some drops and instructed me to put this antibiotic in her ear twice a day for 10 days.  I did my best, but not always making the full 10 days.  Her ear would get slightly better but soon would be just as bad as before. 
Vet's are not cheap, and so I just kept putting in the drops.  Even though it really wasn't working.  I didn't want to go back to the expensive vet, and my small bottle of expensive antibiotic was running out soon. 

What to do?
Well, I went searching online and found a product called EcoEars, a natural remedy.

For Dogs With Itchy, Smelly & Gunky Ears.  This sounded like Pebbles problem.  Maybe it would work? 


I ordered the product which was very reasonable and so much cheaper than the vet.  I couldn't wait to receive it in the mail.  I was feeling so bad for my dog.

The product arrived within days. I found Pebbles and doused her ear good.  I loved the big bottle of EcoEars.  It was easy to use with it's simple spout.  If some of the stuff missed the ear, no problem.  There was plenty.  Pebbles hated it, of course.

Imagine my surprise the next day when I checked Pebbles ear.  The black gunky stuff was clearing up already.  I could see pink again.  She wasn't scratching or shaking her head anymore.  I gave her another dose.
You are supposed to do this for 10 days in a row.  By the third day Pebbles ear was perfect.  She is so happy, more relaxed.  I'm just thrilled with this product.

If your dog has ear infections.  I can not recommend EcoEars enough.
It's a great product, priced right, and it works.

Thank you EcoEars.



  1. Thanks Virginia! We have a kennel full of dogs with crazy ear stuff. I am going to order this as soon as I get done writing this comment;) Thank you for taking the time to let your readers know how well it works.

  2. One of our dogs has a horrible time with ear infections too. This sounds like a great product!

  3. Does this work for cats, too, or is there another like product for cats?

  4. Does this work for cats, too, or is there another like product for cats?

  5. There is another product for cats. This says 'for dogs only' on the bottle. The same company makes a product for cats, but it is not available at present.

  6. I'm sorry if I am wrong, but this reeks of a paid advertisement.

    1. Agreed. I can't find the ingredients of this product listed anywhere. I've luck with Apple Cider Vinegar and Peroxide mixed with equal parts.

    2. Really? I have a dog that I can plan on about $200 - $500 vet bills just for his ears every year. I just cannot afford it anymore.

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  8. My little poodle has had a problem with her ears for more than three months. She is being treated by a vet. Every time I get her groomed she gets itchy ears. The vet looked in her ears and said the ear hair was packed in there, the groomers are not doing their job. He cleaned them out, gave me drops etc. She's doing better, but how do I was her ears? Guy in the Vets waiting room uses Echo for his bull dog, Vet said it was good stuff.


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