Monday, May 21, 2012

Making a Trellis Out Of Duck Tape and Twigs.

This morning I walked about my yard and noticed my Clematis vines were climbing all over a bush because the small trellis things I had for them were just not doing it.  I made a mental note to myself that I would need to pick up a couple of trellises for them to spread out on.  I thought about this while I continued to walk and picked up the occassional stick.  Then it hit me.  Maybe, I could make a trellis?

I love the natural and unusual item in my yard.  I miss this great bird house I had made, until a wind storm knocked it over and broke it.

I started to lay the twigs down on the grass and began my plan.  Here's how it went.

Here is a picture of my flowers with nowhere to climb.

The beginning of my plan.  Twigs.

I laid it all out on the ground.  And as things go with a garage full of tools, I could not find a
single piece of wire to hold my branches together.  Rrrrgh, don't you hate when that happens?

I did find some duck tape.  Yay! for duct tape.
It worked like a charm.

TaDa!  What a great very natural looking Trellis.
My husband calls it the Hobbit trellis.

Now my Clematises will have a place to spread and grow.
It's going to be beautiful.  I'll take a picture again when the whole wall is full of flowers.
I can't wait.

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