Friday, April 20, 2012

What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn't Fail?

I would create a blog where I get to share everything that inspires me, and in turn will inspire other's.

I just finished listening to an inspiring interview by Jill Grunewald from  Jill is interviewing Ann Drew Yu who is the Creator of The Intention Box.
Ann is also the President of Good Intentions, a lifestyle company she started in 2004.  A respected speaker, teacher and writer.

I found Ann one night years ago while searching Feng Shui expert in the Minneapolis, MN area.  I was so impressed with Ann's website and all her sound advice that I have been following her career for years now. 

My dream is to one day hire Ann for a Feng Shui consultation at our retail store.  One day, I declare, I will do it.

I love Ann's definition of intention: Intention is a declaration of anything positive that you want to do or invite into your life.

I think most of us have heard the phrase, "Where attention goes energy flows." - Ann believes that focusing on one simple do-able thing makes it easier to fulfill or make progress toward our intention.

When we work on one thing, while keeping it simple, doors are allowed to open in other area's of our lives.

Her advice is to find your core intention:  What do you really want to do? Ann likes to begin her declarations using these two examples below.
I see myself ____________
I open myself ___________

Intentions can be physical things, or emotional things.  Like, I open myself to forgiving ________.

I like the word intention better than the word goal.  Now, I understand why.

Goals move us forward but are measured by success or failure, they are more about willpower and force. If you don't make your goal, it can make you feel bad.

Intentions are measured by growth, or our feelings. Intention is more about being willing, and allowing things to happen naturally. 

I really liked this sentence that was brought up in the interview.  "Exchange willpower for willingness."  Isn't that just beautiful?     

Ann is well studied in the science of our brains.  In the interview she tells us about when she first learned about something called: Negativity Bias -  This means that our brains have a tendency when sitting in a relaxed unsupervised state of mind will tend to go into negative thinking automatically.  Wow, we are wired this way. That's interesting, isn't it? 

I also learned about something called Neuroplasticity - This is the belief that our brain continues to grow and develop throughout our lives. 

Isn't it nice to know we can direct how we want our brain to grow?  By looking for good facts in your day and focusing on them for at least 15 seconds. When we do this it will fire up positive neurons in our brain and we will develop a more positive brain belief system.

I invite you to visit both of Ann's websites. or

Find out for yourself what The Intention Box is all about.  I believe she is having a sale, so email her if you are interested.

If you would like to listen to the interview visit and sign up for the free telesummit.

Ann's offering a free gift called.  "Four Essential Things I Wish I'd Known As A Girl."

I'm going to go get mine now.



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