Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Feeling Artsy and Oh, so Clever!

Surprise!  Who would have guessed you would be hearing from me today?

I know it has been a long time and honestly it's because I haven't been feeling so artsy lately.  Or, maybe it's not that I haven't been feeling it? It's that I've had no time for it.

Today, we are having a new furnace installed which means I have to sit tight and stay home.  Yep, no running around for me.  So, after walking the dogs, I decided to do an upcycle project that I've been thinking about for a while.

I think most of you know I sell on eBay.  So, I get a lot of stuff.  Sometimes, in my shopping daze I don't catch a major flaw in an item.  Like say this pair of Ugg boots.

I didn't even see the obvious patch in the center of the toe portion.  Oops.  Now, I’d have to sell them really cheap? Yet, they are like brand new on the inside and outside except for this darn patch.

I received a couple of what I call lowball offers that I declined.  I mean, I get it.  They're not perfect but still worth more than a few dollars.  Wouldn't you say?

They're a size 8.  In case you are wondering.

I thought to myself.  "I'm going to make these beautiful," and so I did!

I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Do you like the new and improved version?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My First Effort At Making a Rope Bowl - I love it!

A few months ago, I set an intention to finish the many projects I started and never got around to finishing.

This rope bowl was one that I started quite a while ago.

It was really fun to make and pretty easy once I got the hang of it.

I did run into some problems with my thread breaking.

I'm hoping the next time it will work better.

I love having it on a table by my front door.

There is something special about having products I created all around me.

It's not perfect, but it is perfect in it's imperfections..

Friday, July 22, 2016

Burlap Kitchen Curtain Valances

A while ago, I told you I would show you some curtain valances I made using burlap.

I really love the understated elegance of burlap.

I have it sprinkled throughout my home. These are in my kitchen.

I find it to be a great neutral, which is something I am really embracing this year.

This DIY project cost me $8.00 for the burlap at Michael's craft store.

I did find the burlap very dusty while working with it.   Give it a good shake outside before messing with it.  Better yet.  Find a fabric that looks like burlap..

Once, I got them all up.  I've left them alone and love the way they look.

What do you think?

Wall Stick Twig Word Art

Hi again,

I don't think I ever told you about this project I made last winter.

It's something I am still enjoying.

I had gone outside to pickup all the sticks that had fallen from my trees in the yard.

Then, I got to wondering.

What could I make with these?

Maybe, I could paint them with stripes and put them in vases?

Instead, I did this.

It has been one of my most favorite art projects.  I adore seeing it hanging above my kitchen table.

If, I get tired of the natural wood, I think I may paint it.

But for now, I have no plans to change it.

I'm sorry, I have no pictures of me making it.

It was very easy.

I broke the branches into the size I needed, and started to lay them out on my floor to spell out my word.

I used my handy hot glue gun to glue them together.

Another EZPZ project.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Quiet Reflection - New Painting

A friend recently inquired whether I had any new art to share.

I've been quiet on my blog.  

So this is for you my friend.  Thank you for encouraging me.

This is some recent work.  I hope you like it. 

                    Quiet Reflection 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rest & Relaxation at the Hotel Indigo San Antonio/Riverwalk.

Have you been to the Hotel Indigo in San Antonio on the Riverwalk?  My husband and I recently stayed at this hotel.  I heard about it through the money saving site called Groupon.  We knew we wanted to go to Texas to see my hubby (Michael's) mom.  She lives in Ingram, TX which is about
an hour away from San Antonio.

It was fun to get away and have a change of scenery.  Spending time with his mom, and her girlfriend.  It's hard when family is in another state.  You don't get to see them as often as you would like.

We visited a cowboy town and had a sandwich at a restaurant known for their BLT's.

We shopped at this fantastic store which had exquisite art and jewelry, and so much more.  It was inspiration everywhere.

I found some watercolor crayons.
I'd heard about them but had never tried them.  It was great to have some time back at the hotel in the evening to play with my color crayons.  You just color in your picture, add water and TaDa.  Water colors happen.  Here is some art I made one afternoon, while enjoying our large rooftop balcony at the hotel.

The Hotel Indigo is a beauty of a hotel with all the amenities.  We loved that we were minutes from the riverwalk where we could walk to restaurants or hop on the boat that takes you back and forth along the river.  We bought a $15.00, 24 hour pass, which meant we could catch the boat for all our riverwalk activities.

We enjoyed the variety of restaurants and shops.  One night we ate at the Mexican Restaurant, Rio Rio and listened to the Mariachi band.  I have yet to travel to Venice, but, I understand that this riverwalk resembles the look and feel.

This is not a sponsored blog post.  

Hotel Indigo/San Antonio Riverwalk is a great hotel.  The staff is so very attentive, and the hotel is clean and beautiful.  The rooms are spacious and quiet.  They have lots of area's to relax and enjoy the sunshine.  A pool area, outdoor lounge area and a cafe/bar.  I liked the entrance of the hotel, it has this Tuscan feel. Do you remember the t.v. show Melrose Place?  It's like that.

Our room was beautiful and spacious with a wall mural that truly inspired me.  My husband and I really lucked out because we had a room on the third floor with a large balcony where we could privately enjoy the sunshine and moonlight each day.

The restaurant is small and only open at certain times of the day.  But, the food was delicious!

If you find yourself in San Antonio, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Hotel Indigo Riverwalk, They have other locations around the globe you might want to check out.  I know we will.

Thank you Hotel Indigo for treating my husband and I like special guests.  We will be back!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Review Of EcoGecko Earth Globe Air Revitalizer - H20

It's usually at this point in February where I say, "Okay, enough winter all ready."  I'm so tired of dry skin, hair, air, dry everything.  We need moisture!  Our weather temperatures were cold enough where it felt like the furnace was running constantly.

I like to add moisture to the air as it seems to help my allergies, and my head feels so much better when there is moisture in the air.

So, I put a big stainless steel pot filled with water on the stove and turned the heat up high.  Problem is, I forgot about it on the stove and yes, you guessed it.  The pot had run dry.  What an awful smell that makes, not to mention it pretty much destroyed my good pot.

Today, my husband gifted me with this EcoGecko Earth Globe - H20.  No more ruining pots on the stove and possibly burning the house down.  I was very excited to give this a go.

I filled it with water, added a couple drops of the Lavender essential oil they included with the product, put the lid on, and plugged it in.  The water swirls in the basin and within seconds the air is filled with a nicely scented dewy moisture.

Oh my!

It's like a diffuser, but better, and here is why:

The Shimmering, blue LED light and whirlpool of water create a tranquil environment.
The Oil adds a nice aroma that freshens the air.
It has an adjustable speed that you can turn down or up for the whirlpool action.
Revitalizes a room of approximately 600 square feet.
Big basin for the water so it can run a long time.
Low cost to operate
Easy to clean and safe to use.
Air purifies as the water removes dust and contaminants from the air.

I have the silver one, and I would estimate it to be almost the size of a soccer ball.

Now, I just have to find the perfect place to put it. Most likely in a room we spend the most time in.

If you would like to order one for yourself, here's how.

Click Picture to Purchase
$10.00 S & H
 (USA Only)