Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Review Of EcoGecko Earth Globe Air Revitalizer - H20

It's usually at this point in February where I say, "Okay, enough winter all ready."  I'm so tired of dry skin, hair, air, dry everything.  We need moisture!  Our weather temperatures were cold enough where it felt like the furnace was running constantly.

I like to add moisture to the air as it seems to help my allergies, and my head feels so much better when there is moisture in the air.

So, I put a big stainless steel pot filled with water on the stove and turned the heat up high.  Problem is, I forgot about it on the stove and yes, you guessed it.  The pot had run dry.  What an awful smell that makes, not to mention it pretty much destroyed my good pot.

Today, my husband gifted me with this EcoGecko Earth Globe - H20.  No more ruining pots on the stove and possibly burning the house down.  I was very excited to give this a go.

I filled it with water, added a couple drops of the Lavender essential oil they included with the product, put the lid on, and plugged it in.  The water swirls in the basin and within seconds the air is filled with a nicely scented dewy moisture.

Oh my!

It's like a diffuser, but better, and here is why:

The Shimmering, blue LED light and whirlpool of water create a tranquil environment.
The Oil adds a nice aroma that freshens the air.
It has an adjustable speed that you can turn down or up for the whirlpool action.
Revitalizes a room of approximately 600 square feet.
Big basin for the water so it can run a long time.
Low cost to operate
Easy to clean and safe to use.
Air purifies as the water removes dust and contaminants from the air.

I have the silver one, and I would estimate it to be almost the size of a soccer ball.

Now, I just have to find the perfect place to put it. Most likely in a room we spend the most time in.

If you would like to order one for yourself, here's how.

Click Picture to Purchase
$10.00 S & H
 (USA Only)

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