Monday, March 4, 2013

My Book "Do Over" Movie Trailer

My first book trailer -  "Do Over,"

by Virginia Bailey

My daughter Jade who is only 14 years old, surprised me with this book trailer last night.  I can't believe how talented she is.  How lucky am I?

Oh, how I love watching my book trailer.  It is perfect.  I love who Jade chose to portray the characters.  I could not have chosen better.

MY book is available here on

Thank you everyone for visiting my blog and supporting me in pursuing my dreams.  I am bursting with gratitude. 

Thank you Jade, for all that you do.  I love you.


P.S. Jade says, she would love it if you subscribe to her YouTube channel.
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  1. Loved it, Jade did a great job!! The characters really fit and I loved the music.

  2. Oh Jade you are beyond your years talented;) I am smitten with this trailer... It is perfect, and I too could not have pick better characters to be in the book. The talent in the Bailey family is HUGE!!


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