Monday, April 2, 2012

Product Review - Elmer's Painter Pens

I've been inkling to find some pens I can use to draw on fabrics. I love to doodle with my Sharpie fine point markers, but didn't like the way the markers worked on fabric.

Today at my local Office Max I found a five pack of the Elmer's Painter Opaque Paint Markers for $15.00. They are also available singly, but I was looking for white. When, I saw the five pack with a Black, White, Blue, Red, and Green, I was thrilled.

You can use the Elmer's markers on Wood, Pottery, Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Paper, Plastic, Fabrics and more. Yeah, it's a win win. So, how did they work?

The fabric I was working on was very bummy and rough so the paint was not as thick and clear as I would have liked. I could have chose a bubble paint but I didn't want that whole bubble look for this project. So, I ended up just adjusting the amount of liquid that I had come out of the pen.

I liked the pens point. My pens flow was consistent and predictable. It dried very quickly so it was really easy to work with. Not much you could do about mistakes as this pen was permanent right away.

All in all for $15.00 these are a five star art tool. Later this week, I'll post pictures of the project I used them on.

If you want to buy your own,
here's the link.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

My First Post.

The first question the experts tell you to do when starting a blog, is ask yourself what are you passionate about? Of course this tends to change every other day, but today I am passionate about finding things that inspire me. Things that make me want to shout from the rooftop, "You've got to try this or see that." It's this kind of feeling that inspires me. I've always wanted to have a blog. One that allows me to share whatever it is I feel like sharing.
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I started sketching and doodling last year and I never imagined it would be something I love so much. Here's a photo of one of my beginning drawings.
I am excited to have this place to share more of the things I love. Blessings, Virginia